Mon Aug 25, 2014

Grilled chicken salad

            11:16 SSR

3:30pm HS Cross Country Pics

5:30-6 pm Football parent gathering at Cabela home

6pm 5/6th Grade FB Practice

6:30pm HS Cheer Practice in HS Gym

6:30pm HS Cheer Team Pics


Tue Aug 26, 2014

Ham and Cheese

Fall DIBELS Testing - Elementary

5/6th Grade DIBELS testing

7:30am HS Staff Meeting

12pm FCCLA Mtg-for anyone interested in joining

12:05pm PT from SRMC in HS gym

1:01 pm SSR

3:30pm HS Gym HS VB Pics

7pm Europe Travel Trip Information in Miss Hill’s Room


Wed Aug 27, 2014

Chicken nuggets

Fall DIBELS Testing - Elementary

5/6th Grade DIBELS testing

7:15 am FFA Practice

9:30am Junior Magazine Sales Meeting/Sales Begin

12pm Adv Grade Check

12:15pm Adv NHS Mtg.

12:25 Senior Class Meeting in FCS Room

1:50pm SSR

2pm ASD webinar @ Where: ES

3:30pm HS FB Pics

3:30pm Art Club

6pm 5/6th Grade FB Practice

6pm 6th Gr VB Practice


Thu Aug 28, 2014


Fall DIBELS Testing - Elementary

Golf at Bayard Gold Van lv at 6:45am

7:15 am FFA Practice

7:35am MS Staff Mtg

8am 5/6th Grade DIBELS testing

10am Blood Drive

10:27am SSR

12:02 Adv-FBLA Mtg in Miss Hill’s Room

2pm MS FB/VB Pics

2:30 pm SSR


Fri Aug 29, 2014

Mini corn dogs

7:15 am FFA Practice

11:30am Adv-Team Building

7pm FB at Sedgwick Co at Ovid Bus Kacey lv at 5pm

            6:15pm lv time Gold Van Cheer Team


*I need paperwork returned from:  Ben C, Michael D, Kayla, Kelli, Nash, Kelsey P, Sadie


*Congrats to Jo H who placed 10th in barrels at O’Neil! Congrats to Newt who placed 11th in team roping at Bloomfield, 11th in calf roping at Bloomfield, and 14th in calf roping at O’Neil!


*  The volleyball team are planning to order VB Polo Shirts.  They are black with a white stripe down the right hand side.  Creek Valley VB and your name will be on the upper left hand side of the shirt.  The lady-cut shirts will be approx $30 each.  Shirts must be paid for prior to picking them up.  Please contact Mr. Behrends today by the end of the day ( with your size and to place your order.


*Football player families:  Mike and I would like to invite all football parents to our house for a get together. Monday, August 25, stop anytime around 5:30 or 6:00. We want to have time to meet everyone as we begin the season. After everyone has arrived I would like to visit about planning meals for our boys games. I hope you all have a few ideas to discuss so we have a plan that works well.  See you Monday at 148 Washington. Come on in if raining or to the back deck.    -Mike and Jessica Cabela


Would you like to travel to Europe?  Where: London, Paris, Florence, Rome When: June 2015 Who:  Students (9th grade and older) and adults See Miss Hill for more information.  Informational meeting Tuesday, August 26th at 7pm in Miss Hill’s room!


*The seniors will have a class meeting on Wednesday, August 27th, during lunch in the FCS Room. You will vote on the graduation items and homecoming items.  BRING your LUNCH in the morning, YOU will not be allowed to go get food.  If you cannot attend the meeting please give Jill your suggestions.


Chappell Blood Drive Thursday, August 28, 2014 at Chappell Fire Hall-Contact Vanessa at 308-882-6585--Students that want to participate must have parents contact school prior to 8am on August 27th to arrange homework plans and to get it turned in ahead of time.


*Powerschool has an app for that!  PowerSchool has created parent and student apps for both Iphones and Androids.  Go to your devices store for a free download. 


*If you check out a book from the library, we need your name and the book name written down.  We also need you to write legibly!


*HS Students:  Art club meets every Wednesday after school, everyone welcome...even if you are not currently in an art class.


*Sports passes are $50 for family, $25 for single, $25 for 7-12, $10 for K-6.  They can be purchased at any of the offices. 

Home game admission fees are $4 adult, $3 Student, Preschool and under-free. 


This year’s Homecoming theme is: Super Heroes.


CVS Booster Club will be providing senior banners for the class of 2015.  The order will be placed early in the fall.  I am waiting for the order form from the company, and then I will distribute to all seniors.


Dress code reminder from our handbook: Student Appearance Policy Students at Creek Valley Public Schools are expected to dress in a way that is appropriate for a school setting.  Students should not dress in a manner that is dangerous to the health and safety of anyone or interferes with the learning environment or teaching process in our school.  Following is a list of examples that will not be considered appropriate:

1.  Clothing or jewelry that is gang related

2. Clothing that shows an inappropriate amount of bare skin or underwear including midriffs, spaghetti straps, sagging pants, and pants with holes between the fingertips and waist.  All tops should cover entire torso, while all pant lengths need to be at fingertip length or longer.

3.  Clothing or jewelry that advertises beer, alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs

4. Clothing or jewelry that could be used as a weapon (chains, spiked apparel) or that would encourage “horse-play” 5.  Head wear including hats, caps, bandannas, hoods and scarves

6.  Clothing or jewelry which exhibits nudity, makes sexual references or carries double meanings

In the event a student is uncertain as to whether a particular item or method of grooming is consistent with the school’s guidelines, the student should contact the Principal for approval.  

Coaches, sponsors or teachers may have additional requirements for students who are in special lab classes, students who are participants in performing groups or students who are representing the school as part of an extracurricular activity program.  

On a first offense of the dress code, the student may call home for proper apparel.  If clothes cannot be brought to school, the student will be provided proper clothing for the remainder of the day.  Students will not be allowed to leave campus to change clothes.  Continual violations of the dress code will result in disciplinary actions under the Student Code of Conduct above.  Further, in the event the dress code violation is determined to also violate other student conduct rules (e.g., public indecency, insubordination, expression of profanity, and the like), a first offense of the dress code may result in discipline, up to expulsion.


Aliens And Strangers Music in Chappell is your local source for band instruments and accessories. We offer rentals with low monthly payments and the best local pricing on new instruments, plus accessories and repairs. Visit our store in downtown Chappell to see all that we have to offer.  Open Tuesday through Friday from 4–7pm and Saturday from 10am–4pm. Visit us at 229 Vincent Ave, Chappell or call us at 308.874.6084 for questions or an appointment.


5/6th Grade Youth Football Practices will be every Monday and Wednesday at 6pm at the baseball field.  Contact Dan Schmid if you have questions.


Driver’s Ed begins at WNCC on Oct 22.  Call Linda Roelle 308 254 7407 for more information and to register.


Freshman class officers:  President: Pierce, VP: Sammy, Secretary/treasurer: Michael R, Stu Co rep: Allie


Sophomore class officers:  Pres.:  Natalie C., V.Pres: Gage K., Sec/Treas:  Ryan D., Stuco Rep.:  Jessie S.


Junior class officers:  President -- Nash, Vice Pres. -- Keith, Secretary -- Cody, Treasurer -- Joey, Stuco -- Cooper


Senior class officers:  President:  Jill, Vice-President:  Roy, Secretary: Stefanie, Treasurer:  Krystal, STUCO Rep: Ben


FCCLA Officers:  President:  Jill, VP-Katie, Sec-Caitlin, STUCO- Joey


2014-2015 School Calendar-Year Overview

Sep. 1

Labor Day, No School

Sep. 15

PTC's: 4:30-8 pm, Friday Schedule

Sep. 16

PTC's: 4:30-8 pm, Friday Schedule

Sep. 19

Fall Break, No School



Oct. 17

End of Quarter 1, 44 days

Oct. 20

Teacher Inservice (No students)



Nov. 26

11:44 Dismissal for All

Nov. 27

Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 28

Thanksgiving Break



Dec. 23

End of Semester 1, 88 days

Dec. 23

11:44 Dismissal for All

Dec. 24

Christmas Break Begins



Jan. 5

Teacher Inservice (No students)

Jan. 6

Students First Day, Semester 2



Feb. 3

PTC's: 4:30-8 pm, Friday Schedule

Feb. 5

PTC's: 4:30-8 pm, Friday Schedule

Feb. 6

Winter Break, No School



Mar. 11

End of Quarter 3, 46 days

Mar. 12

Spring Break, No School

Mar. 13

Spring Break, No School



Apr. 2

Start of Easter Break, 11:44 out

Apr. 3

Easter Break, No School

Apr. 6

Easter Break, No School

Apr. 17

Teacher Inservice (.5 day, No students)



May. 20

End of Semester 2, 90 days

May. 20

11:44 dismissal for students




Stuff you need to remember…


Elementary School Hours


Middle School Hours


High School Hours

Mon-Thurs: 8:20 am - 3:26 pm


Mon-Thurs: 8:12 am - 3:37 pm


Mon-Thurs: 8 am - 3:25 pm

Friday: 8:20 am - 2:34 pm


Friday: 8:12 am - 2:50 pm


Friday: 8 am - 2:37 pm






Staff Hours M-Th: 7:50 am - 3:50 pm


Staff Hours, M-Th: 7:50 am - 3:50 pm


Staff Hours, M-Th: 7:50 am - 3:50 pm

Staff Hours, Fri: 7:50 am - 2:34 pm


Staff Hours, Fri: 7:50 am - 2:50 pm


Staff Hours, Fri: 7:50 am - 2:37 pm


Here is a link to our State of the Schools Report:  (you may click on it or you can copy and paste it into your web browser)


Please contact Tanya or Mr. Ningen at the high school in order to get your paperwork for the key cards to the weight room



Sign In to the PowerSchool Student and Parent Portal/Create a parent account

Before you can sign in to the PowerSchool Student and Parent portal, you will need your school's PowerSchool Student and Parent portal URL, your username, and your password. If you do not have this information or have questions, contact your school.

Note: Do not use someone else’s password or give your password to anyone else. 

You can use the link on our school website, or copy and paste into your browser: 


1. Open your Web browser to your school's PowerSchool Student and Parent portal URL. The Student and Parent Sign In page appears.  Note: If the Parent and Student Sign In page does not automatically appear, click the Sign In tab.


2. Use the following table to enter information in the fields:

Select Language Choose the language in which you want to view the PowerSchool Student and Parent portal from the pop-up menu.  Note: If no more than one locale is configured, the pop-up menu does not appear.

Username Enter your username. 

Password Enter your password. The characters appear as asterisks (*) to ensure greater security when you sign in.  If you have forgotten your username or password, you can click Having trouble signing in? For more information,

see How to Recover Your Username or How to Recover Your Password.


3. Click Sign In. The start page appears. For more information, see PowerSchool Student and Parent Portal Start Page.


• If your PowerSchool administrator has issued you a temporary password, you may be asked to reset your password upon first signing in.  For more information, see How to Reset Your Password.  

• If your password has expired, you may be asked to reset your password. For more information, see How to Reset Your Password.

• If you have exceeded the number of sign in attempts allowed, you may become locked out of PowerSchool. If so, contact your school.



Communication Information: 

Email Tanya at to be added to the email blanket list-emails are sent out anytime any school information needs to be shared.


School gmail calendar:  To see the school calendar including all activities scheduled and updated information on activities you can click on the link: 

OR  If you have a Gmail account and use the shared calendar; let me know so I can add you to my shared list.


You can also go to <district main page <then under this month click on the calendar page icon.  That is updated every time I update the school calendar on gmail.

Creek Valley Public Schools has a Facebook page-like the page to keep up on school information.


Creek Valley School staff email addresses:  first name.last name  Contact information for each teacher is also available when you log into your student’s PowerSchool account.


Follow us on twitter:  @CrkValleyStorm


PowerSchool:  To check your student’s grades, attendance, and lunch balance on a more regular basis you may go to and click on the PowerSchool Public link or go directly to the PowerSchool website:  If you need your student’s log-on ID and password (and do not have a recent grade report handy) then please contact your child’s attendance center to get this information. 



Did you know???

...Creek Valley Schools’ grade scale is 94-100=A, 86-93=B, 78-85=C, 70-77=D, 0-69=F


...You can check your student’s grades, attendance, and lunch balance anytime day or night!  Visit and click on the PowerSchool Public link or go directly to the PowerSchool website:  If you need your student’s log-on ID and password (if you do not have a recent grade report handy) then please contact your child’s attendance center to get this information. can receive an email once a week, daily, or once every two weeks  from PowerSchool with 1. Summary of current grades and attendance, 2. Detailed report of attendance 3. Detailed report showing all assignment scores for each class, 4. School announcements 5. Balance Alert (Note: Will only be sent when a student is low on funds.)



Code Red (Emergency/School Closure) Information:  

Code Red is a service that we offer to help contact you in case of an emergency and/or school closure information.  If you have signed up for Code Red, we recommend that you use a ringtone that is standard to your phone rather than a downloaded ringtone, and you also have to have your voicemail set up in order to receive the calls.  If you have not signed up for Code Red, please contact the site where your student attends, and we will get you set up.



Booster Club Info 

The Booster Club is selling STORM bling!  You can add the decoration to any shirt, cap, or whatever you already have.  The bling sells for $10.  You can contact any Booster Club member including Mr. Ningen, who has the bling here for you to see.  I will also post a picture on the facebook page.


Follow us on Twitter.....@CVboosterclub





Events and activities that affect our students/staff-

but are not school sponsored: 


Sidney Regional Medical Immunization clinics are the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays every month.