††††††††††††††††††††† Severe Weather Awareness Week ††††††††††††††††††††††

Wed Mar 25, 2015

††††††††††† Chicken Pita

7:15am FFA Practice

8am NeSA RMS Testing at HS

9am Holocaust Survivor Presentation on DL-Select Sophomores

(Ben C, Austin, Nate, Candace, Brett, Ryan, Jessie, Natalie)

12pm Adv Grade Check

12pm Senior Class Meeting Adv/lunch

1:50pm Sustained Silent Reading

3:20pm CSC Scholastic mtg. in the Commons

3:30pm Art Club

7pm Junior Class Parent Meeting in HS Commons

Thu Mar 26, 2015

††††††††††† Turkey and Noodles

7:15am FFA Practice

10:30am Tornado Drill

12:05pm ACT Prep Class in Miss Hillís room

12:05pm HS Q3 Honor Roll Reward

2:39pm Sustained Silent Reading

5pm Parli Pro Practice with Kelly

6-7:00pm Family Fun Night at Elementary


Fri Mar 27, 2015

††††††††††† Corn Dogs

4:30am load, 4:45am leave Bus-Kacey CSC Scholastic Day

7:15am FFA Practice

7:45am PBiS Meeting

8am Down List/LLI calculated

10:52am T&C Child Develop to CCC

11:30am Adv-Team Building

Sat Mar 28, 2015

HS Track at SidneyRJ Bus lv

1pm Chamber Youth Easter Egg Hunt at swimming and city parks


Future info:

Apr. 2

Start of Easter Break, 11:44 out

Apr. 3-6

Easter Break, No School

Apr. 17

Teacher Inservice (.5 day, No students)

Apr. 25




May 7

HS Awards

May 9

3pm Graduation

May. 20

End of Semester 2, 90 days

May. 20

11:44 dismissal for students


Change of date for the JH Track Meet-Harland Sutton Invite at Chappell will be on April 22.*****************************************************************************************************************************************

The seniors will have a class meeting on Wednesday, March 25, during Advisory (after grade checks) through lunch in the English Room. You will vote on the graduation items.BRING your LUNCH in the morning, YOU will not be allowed to go get food.If you cannot attend the meeting please give Jill your suggestions.


Tuesdays and Thursdays from now until April 16 - ACT prep classes in Miss Hill's room during Advisory.


The following students have been chosen to attend the Chadron State College Scholastic Contest on March 27: Aftan, Jill, Hannah B. Madison B. Katie, Ben C., Natalie C. Logan, Keith Krystal, Roy, Pierce, Nash, Noemi, Dane, Cooper, Austin, Hannah S., Samantha S., Kayla, Chandra, Jessie, Joey, Caitlin.We will load at 4:30am and go at 4:45 a.m. and should be back around 3:30 p.m.There is a sheet in the office for students who want to be picked up in Lodgepole.Please print your name on this sheet by Thursday.


Join Creek Valley schools in the 24th Annual Pennies for Patients program.The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Pennies for Patients program is a service learning program that saves lives.Students bring their spare change to school and pool it with their classmates.Funds raised support local patient programs and blood cancer research.Pennies for Patients builds character, teaches compassion and impacts your school community in a fun and meaningful way.Donation boxes have been placed in each office at Creek Valley Schools.Collection will end on March 27, 2015.


These items affect LLI on 3/27:

Library overdues: Allie 3/16, Zayne 3/11, Beth 3/24, Wyatt 3/18, Kelsey P 2/27 & 3/16, Caitlin 3/20, Kaisee 3/20, Hunter 03/04, Colin 3/23, Josh 3/24, Alex 3/20, Trey 3/18, Holden 3/16

Planner:Ryan $5

Parker-turn in your golf stuff!

Lunch balances over $10 will disqualify you for LLI!


There will be a cheerleading meeting Tuesday morning at 7:30 with Miss Riggs in the high school FCS room. If you are interested in trying out, you need to attend this meeting. If you cannot make it, please let Mrs. Phillips or Miss Riggs know.


Cooper earned his Word Specialist certificate 3/24/15!


Quarter 3 HS Principalís Honor Roll (89.5-94.4% GPA):

Freshmen:Allie B, Michael R

Sophomores:Jaden C, Maddy J, Andrea O, Austin R, Kayla S, Kelli S, Kaisee D

Juniors:Katie B, Nash L, Chandra S

Seniors:Madison B, Logan C, Tabetha H, Newt H, Krystal K, Caitlin T


Quarter 3 HS Superintendentís Honor Roll (94.5%+GPA):

Freshmen:Pierce L, Payje M, Samantha S

Sophomores:Natalie C, Jessie S

Juniors:Keith E, Joey S

Seniors:Jill B, Hannah S


Students that live in Lodgepole:if you leave a vehicle at the middle school, you need to park in the student parking lot on the east side of the building.


Senior Parents:New this year, you have an opportunity to purchase an ad for your student in the yearbook!The purchase price of $40 provides a personal (school appropriate) note, a senior picture of your student, and the hardcopy of the annual when it arrives this fall.Email the webclass at in order to participate.(Ads must be purchased/paid for prior to May 1st.)


There is a new clock in the hall by the music is very expensive, so please do not jump/reach up and smack it!


An Ipod was found at the track this week.If you can describe it, you can claim it in the hs office.


SENIORS:Please check the top shelf of your locker for scholarship applications.This is the Local Scholarship Season.


Juniors: There are only two ACT test dates before next fall, April 18 (late registration) and June 13.If you are planning on attending college, it is recommended you take the ACT at least once in your junior year.Please see Mrs. Ford for an ACT booklet and flyer.


CSC Football Camp is June 14-17.We will get you more info once we have it!




Not school related:

Softball pitching clinic in Julesburg. It will be a clinic for 1 1/2 hours. Jenny Smock is former fast pitch player and coach. Players need to bring own glove, water, and ball. Ages 5 and older cost is $15. Date is March 29 at 2-4. If they need more information or plan on going please contact me at or Jane Walter. If interested I have registration forms. Thanks.


The Nebraska Rural Electric Association offers a Youth Energy Leadership Camp every year at the Nebraska State 4-H Camp in Halsey, Nebraska.This is an excellent camp and provides great leadership and team building activities.Wheat Belt PPD will be again sponsoring area youth to attend this camp.It is at no cost to the students.Campers must be currently in the 9th-11th grades and preference is held to those students who are dependents of Wheat Belt PPD customers.With that being said, if no dependent of Wheat Belt PPDís customers apply, Wheat Belt would consider sending area youths.Once students have participated in the Youth Energy Camp, they are eligible at a chance to serve as Nebraska Ambassadors at the National Rural Electric Associationís Youth Tour or to be sponsored by Wheat Belt PPD to attend the Youth Tour in Washington, D.C.


DEUEL COUNTY 4H SHOOTERS: practice will be held every Thursday after school until dark. Anyone interested in 4H Shooting Sports and not currently enrolled should call the Deuel County Extension office ASAP @ 308/874-2705. This includes Archery, BB Gun and Trap Shooting sports.


Archery:Thursdays-talk to Dan Schmid for more information.




Stuff to rememberÖbut donít want to re-read every day!


Elementary School Hours


Middle School Hours


High School Hours

Mon-Thurs: 8:20 am - 3:26 pm


Mon-Thurs: 8:12 am - 3:37 pm


Mon-Thurs: 8 am - 3:25 pm

Friday: 8:20 am - 2:34 pm


Friday: 8:12 am - 2:50 pm


Friday: 8 am - 2:37 pm






Staff Hours M-Th: 7:50 am - 3:50 pm


Staff Hours, M-Th: 7:50 am - 3:50 pm


Staff Hours, M-Th: 7:50 am - 3:50 pm

Staff Hours, Fri: 7:50 am - 2:34 pm


Staff Hours, Fri: 7:50 am - 2:50 pm


Staff Hours, Fri: 7:50 am - 2:37 pm



The 2013-2014 Creek Valley Annuals have arrived!They are $20 each, and you may pick them up in the high school office.


If you check out a book from the library, we need your name and the book name written down.We also need you to write legibly!


Sports passes are $50 for family, $25 for single, $25 for 7-12, $10 for K-6.They can be purchased at any of the offices.

Home game admission fees are $4 adult, $3 Student, Preschool and under-free.


Here is a link to our State of the Schools Report: (you may click on it or you can copy and paste it into your web browser)


Please contact Tanya or Mr. Ningen at the high school in order to get your paperwork for the key cards to the weight room


Art Club is open to all high school students every Wed. all year.It begins at about 3:40 or sooner depending on when I get back from the Grade School and ends about 4:55.All welcome.If interested please see Mr Nordyke.


Awards received so far this year:

Freshman class officers:President-Pierce, VP-Sammy, Secretary/Treasurer-Michael R, STUCO Rep-Allie

Sophomore class officers:Pres.-Natalie C., V.Pres-Gage K., Sec/Treas-Ryan D., STUCO Rep.-Jessie S.

Junior class officers:President-Nash, Vice Pres.-Keith, Secretary-Cody, Treasurer-Joey, STUCO-Cooper

Senior class officers:President:-Jill, Vice-President-Roy, Secretary-Stefanie, Treasurer-Krystal, STUCO Rep-Ben G


FCCLA Officers:President:Jill, VP-Katie, Sec-Caitlin, STUCO- Joey

NHS Officers:Co-Presidents: Jill and Hannah S, Sec-Keith, Treas-Nash, STUCO Rep-Chandra

FFA Officers:President-Hannah S, V.P.-Nash, Secretary-Keith, Treasurer-Dane, Reporter-Josh, Sentinel-Logan

FBLA Officers:President - Nash; VP - Aftan; Secretary - Jill; Treasurer - Joey; Stuco - Caitlin; Historian/Reporter - Keith

STUCO Officers:President-Jill, VP-Joey S, Secretary-Katie, Treasurer-Chandra, Historian-Hannah S


Attendance Awards for Q1:

Perfect Attendance with 0 class periods missed:Krystal K, Wyatt M, Michael R, Cooper R, Austin R, Hannah S, Chandra S, Michael S, Joey S

††††††††††† Perfect Attendance with 1-4 class periods missed:Allie B, Madison B, Katie B, Ben C, Samuel J, Hunter H, Payje M, Juli P, Josh S, Samantha S, William S, Jessie S

††††††††††† Outstanding Attendance with 5-9 class periods missed:Jill B, Hannah B, Jaden C, Brett G, Liz G, Tabetha H, Maddy J, Roy K, Noemi M, Dane M, Joey M, Andi O, Kelsey P, Kali P, Brittney S, Kayla S, Jolly S, Cassie S


Honor Roll for Q1:

Superintendentís Honor Roll 94.5%+

9th: Pierce L, Payje M, Megan P, Samantha S

10th:Natalie C, Kali P, Kayla S, Jessie S

11th:Katie B, Joey S

12th:Jill B, Hannah S


Principalís Honor Roll 89.5-94.4 % GPA

9th: Allie B, Madison M, Michael R, Michael S

10th: Ben C, Liz G, Jo H, Andi O, Austin R, Josh S, Kelli S

11th: Keith E, Nash L, Noah L, Noemi M, Chandra S

12th:Aftan B, Madison B, Logan C, Newt H, Krystal K, Roy K, Stef M, William S


Congratulations to the One Act Team for their 2nd place finish at MAC and to the following students who were recognized for their acting skills: Caitlin T., Aftan, Hannah S., Jill, Sadie, Keith, Chandra, Nash, Cody S., Aaron B.


Named in the top ten MAC One Act All Conference actors (with their role and their play) are:

†† †††††††† Best Actress we selected Hannah Schievelbein as the Wicked Witch in Romeo, Juliet and Toto, Too

Jill Behrends as Juliet from Romeo and Juliet and Toto, Too

††††† †††† Nash Leef as Toto from Romeo and Juliet and Toto, Too

†† †††††††† Aaron Buttle as both the Wizard of Weird and Witch 3 from Romeo and Juliet and Toto, Too


Congrats to the one-act team for runner-up at districts and to the following students for receiving outstanding performance awards:Nash, Hannah S, Keith, Aftan, Caitlin, Natalie, Keith, Cody, Josh, Pierce, Michael S!


Congratulations to the Creek Valley FFA.

Creed Speaking:Allie Blackwelder-White, Sami Schmid-Blue

Extemp Speaking:Nash Leef

Jr. Parli Pro Team (Josh, Jaden, Maddy, Andi, Pierce, Payje and Sami) - Red

Sr. Parli Pro Team (Nash. Logan, Roy, Dane, Chandra, Joey)-2nd and qualifying for State FFA Convention


Dane was named All-Conference 1st Team Offense.He was also All-District for district D1-10.Gage was All-Conference Honorable Mention and District D1-10 Honorable Mention.Josh S was District D1-10 Honorable Mention.


Congrats to Jill and Madison B for being named to MAC All-Conference First Team Volleyball, and Hannah S and Stefanie for being selected to the MAC All-Conference Honorable Mention Volleyball Team!


FFA Results

Ag Sales Team (Hannah S, Dane, Keith, Chandra) placed second, Hannah placed 10th and Dane 14th.They Qualified for State!!!!

Floriculture Team (Noemi, Josh, Cooper, Allie and Roy) placed 9th andNoemi placed 6th individually.

Welding Team (Logan, Hunter, Joey S) Logan C placed 5th in MIG and Hunter placed 6th in O/A

Livestock Management Team (Jo, Jaden, Andi, Maddy) placed 14th

Q2 Superintendentís Honor Roll 94.5%+ GPA

Freshmen: Allie B, Pierce, Payje, Samantha

Sophomores: Natalie, Kayla, Jesslyn

Juniors: Keith

Seniors: Jill, Hannah S


Q2 Principalís Honor Roll 89.5%-94.4% GPA

Freshmen: Megan, Michael R, Michael S

Sophomores: Elizabeth, Jo H, Kali, Austin, Kelli

Juniors: Katie, Noah, Chandra, Joellyn

Seniors: Aftan, Madison B, Logan, Tabetha, Krystal, Stefanie, Kelsey William S


S1 Superintendentís Honor Roll 94.5%+ GPA

Freshmen: Pierce, Payje, Samantha

Sophomores: Natalie, Jesslyn

Juniors: Keith

Seniors:Jill, Hannah S


S1 Principalís Honor Roll 89.5%-94.4% GPA

Freshmen: Allie, Megan, Michael R, Michael S

Sophomores: Ben C, Elizabeth, Jo H, Kali, Austin, Kayla, Kelli

Juniors: Katie, Noah, Chandra, Joellyn

Seniors:Aftan, Madison, Logan, Krystal, Stefanie, William S


Q2 Perfect Attendance (0 class periods missed all quarter)

Drake, Megan

Brett, Austin, Kayla

Katie, Samuel, Hunter

Aftan, Tabetha, Hannah S


Q2 Perfect Attendance (less than 4 class periods missed all quarter)

Ben C

Keith, Noah, Wyatt M, William P, Chandra


Q2 Outstanding Attendance (5-9 class periods missed all quarter)

Jacob, Michael R, Quintin

Gage, Andi

Cody, Joey S

Jill, Krystal, Dane


S1 Perfect Attendance (0 class periods missed all semester)


Hannah S


S1 Perfect Attendance (less than 4 class periods missed all semester)

Katie, Wyatt M, Chandra, Samuel, Hunter


S1 Outstanding Attendance (5-9 class periods missed all semester)

†††††††††† Michael R

Ben C, Brett, Kali, Kayla

Joey S, William P

Krystal, Tabetha


Congrats to the fall NSAA Academic All-State Selections!Natalie-Cross Country, Keith and Pierce-Football, Hannah S and Jill-Volleyball and Play Production.


Congrats to Keith and Hannah S for being accepted to FFA Honor Choir!


MAC Speech Results on February 25, 2015

††††††††††† Serious Prose - 1st place - Jessie Straber

††††††††††† Informative - 6th place - Aaron Buttle

††††††††††† OID - 5th place - Jaden Criswell, Maddy Johnson, Aaron Buttle, Josh Schievelbein, & Joe VanWinkle


Congrats to Katie, Natalie, Joey S, and Jessie for being tapped into NHS!


Congratulations to Joe VanWinkle, Natalie, and Jessie for earning their Specialist Certification in Microsoft Word!


Congrats to Jessie Straber, 1st Team MAC BB; Jill Behrends & Hannah Schievelbein, Honorable Mention MAC BB!


Congrats to Brett Godfrey, 2nd Team MAC BB & Colin Brott, Honorable Mention MAC BB!


Congratulations to Logan C., Noemi, Josh, Allie, and Cooper for qualifying as a Wild Card Team to the Nebraska State Envirothon.The State Envirothon will be held at Camp Comeca in Cozad on April 29th.


Congrats to Mr. Ningen on your NSASSP Region V High School Principal of the Year Award! The NSASSP Region V High School Principal of the Year award is voted on by members of the region. Any Nebraska educator who feels that a particular secondary school principal exemplifies quality leadership in education may nominate that principal for consideration. The region extends from McCook to Valentine and consists of approximately 45 principals. NSASSP is affiliated with the Nebraska Council of School Administrators (NCSA) and the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP).


Chandra and Cody earned their Microsoft Word Specialist certification today (3/19/15).




Communication Information:

Email Tanya at to be added to the email blanket list-emails are sent out anytime any school information needs to be shared.


School gmail calendar:To see the school calendar including all activities scheduled and updated information on activities you can click on the link:

ORIf you have a Gmail account and use the shared calendar; let me know so I can add you to my shared list.


You can also go to <district main page <then under this month click on the calendar page icon.That is updated every time I update the school calendar on gmail.

Creek Valley Public Schools has a Facebook page-like the page to keep up on school information.


Creek Valley School staff email addresses:first name.last name information for each teacher is also available when you log into your studentís PowerSchool account.


Follow us on twitter:@CrkValleyStorm


PowerSchool:To check your studentís grades, attendance, and lunch balance on a more regular basis you may go to and click on the PowerSchool Public link or go directly to the PowerSchool website: you have not set up your parent account, please contact Joyce, Leslie or Tanya.


Powerschool has an app for that!PowerSchool has created parent and student apps for both Iphones and Androids.Go to your devices store for a free download.

District Code†† JDDN†††††††††††††††††††† Title: PowerSchool for Parents 2.5 is now available! - Description: PowerSchool for Parents 2.5 is now available!†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††Title: PowerSchool for Parents 2.0 is now available! - Description: PowerSchool for Parents 2.0 is now available!



Did you know???

...Creek Valley Schoolsí grade scale is 94-100=A, 86-93=B, 78-85=C, 70-77=D, 0-69=F


...You can check your studentís grades, attendance, and lunch balance anytime day or night!Visit and click on the PowerSchool Public link or go directly to the PowerSchool website: you need your log-on ID and password then please contact your childís attendance center to get this information. can receive an email once a week, daily, or once every two weeksfrom PowerSchool with 1. Summary of current grades and attendance, 2. Detailed report of attendance 3. Detailed report showing all assignment scores for each class, 4. School announcements 5. Balance Alert (Note: Will only be sent when a student is low on funds.)




Code Red (Emergency/School Closure) Information:

Code Red is a service that we offer to help contact you in case of an emergency and/or school closure information.If you have signed up for Code Red, we recommend that you use a ringtone that is standard to your phone rather than a downloaded ringtone, and you also have to have your voicemail set up in order to receive the calls.If you have not signed up for Code Red, please contact the site where your student attends, and we will get you set up.




Booster Club Info

The Booster Club is selling STORM bling!You can add the decoration to any shirt, cap, or whatever you already have.The bling sells for $10.You can contact any Booster Club member including Mr. Ningen, who has the bling here for you to see.I will also post a picture on the facebook page.


Follow us on Twitter.....@CVboosterclub




Events and activities that affect our students/staff-

but are not school sponsored:


Sidney Regional Medical Immunization clinics are the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays every month.


Aliens And Strangers Music in Chappell is your local source for band instruments and accessories. We offer rentals with low monthly payments and the best local pricing on new instruments, plus accessories and repairs. Visit our store in downtown Chappell to see all that we have to offer.Open Tuesday through Friday from 4Ė7pm and Saturday from 10amĖ4pm. Visit us at 229 Vincent Ave, Chappell or call us at 308.874.6084 for questions or an appointment.


Youth Group at ďThe ZoneĒ every Wednesday from 7-9pm.Call Julie VW at 874-4272 if you have questions.All students are welcome to attend!


Driver Education class will be taught at WNCC in Sidney this summer.The dates for the class are July 27, 28, 29, and 30.The times will be 8 am until 1 pm.The cost is $255.Students must have their permit to attend the class.Please call 308.254.7407 to register.Or stop by the office to pick up a registration form.