April 15, 2014


Student, Parents, and Staff Info

Return/pay for these items!

Owed to office:†† Ryan 1/7 $5 New Planner

Keith .50 for 3/10 & 4/7

Nate $5 for planner on 3/25

Michael .75 for copies on 3/27, 3/28, 4/10

Aaron .25 for copy on 3/28 & 4/8

Justin .50 for copies

Woods Class:Darrick 28.33

*Starting April 22nd I will starting adding ďinterestĒ to the bills

Renew/return library books:Newt due 3/19, Gage-due 12/6, William P 3/21, Brandy 3/21, Alex D 3/24,Darrick-due 1/24 & 12/6 & 3/17, Madison 3/31, Stef 4/2, Ashley 4/4, Jill 4/4, Sean 4/7 Justin 4/9,Joey 4/11, Keegan 4/9, Trey 4/9 and Emilio 4/9

††††††††††††††† *Beginning April 22nd we will begin to add a late due fee to excessively overdue library books.


*NewFFA Members:Sign up to help with Litter Gitter on Thursday afternoon.We are starting at 1, and the more members that show up the faster we will get done!Counts for community service hours for portfolios and for degrees!


*New††† HS Students, Parents, and Staff:Mid-term is coming quickly-April 17th!Keep working-I know the end is in sight but don't let your grades slip!


*New††† Attention all 8th-11th grade boys: there will be a player/parent meeting for football on Tuesday, April 22nd, at 7 pm in the high school commons.The summer schedule and expectations will be presented.Let me know ahead of time if you cannot attend.Coach Ningen


*New††† Seniors:please email the item(s) following your name to cvwebclass@gmail.comKeegan-all three pictures, Summer-senior picture, Wyatt R-senior picture, Jerry-senior picture


We are hosting a Dodgeball Tournament to raise money for the battle against Multiple Sclerosis on Sunday, May 18th at 1pm in the high school gym beginning at 1pm!100% of the profits will be donated to the MS Society.There will be three divisions:4th-8th grades, 9th-12th grades, and adults.Teams must have 8 members and they must be coed in some way.Cost is $120 per team, ($15 per person) and will include a t-shirt for each member. The admission fee for fans is $3 (school-age kids and adults).Kids not school age yet are free.Teams will receive their shirts at registration the day of the tournament, but should plan to wear their own unique uniforms for this fun event.Volunteers are needed for concession stand help, registration table, ticket takers, etc...

Registration forms will be available at Creek Valley Schools, Adams Bank, Western Drug of Chappell or by contacting Laurie Ningen at 308-874-9928.

If you'd like to donate, but cannot attend you can send a check to:Chappell MS Society; C/O Laurie Ningen; P.O. Box 962; Chappell, NE 69129;Make checks payable to Chappell MS Society†††††††††††††††††††††† We hope to have a great turn-out for this so spread the word!!




Calendar ††††††††††††††††††††††

Tue Apr 15, 2014

Chicken Alfredo

††††††††††† Adv-FCCLA Meeting

1:01pm Sust. Silent Read HS

4pm HS Storm Twilight Track at CVHS

Lions Club-Concess.


Wed Apr 16, 2014

††††††††††† BBQ Pork Sandwich

Art Trip to Denver leave 7am Kerry-Bus

Foodservice/Wellness Conference T&C

12pm Advisory-Grade Check

1pm Kindergarten Round Up

1:50pm Sust. Silent Read HS

3:30pm Art Club


Thu Apr 17, 2014

Golf at Bridgeport lv at 6:45am Gold

JH Track Perkins Co Invite at Grant lv 7am Bus-RJ

8am HS Down List Due & HS Mid-Term Grades Due

11:44am dismiss students and staff

1pm FFA Litter Gitter


Fri Apr 18, 2014

8am No school Easter Break


Sat Apr 19, 2014

No events scheduled


Sun, Apr 20, 2014

††††††††††† Easter Sunday


Monday, April 21, 2014

††††††††††† No School Easter Break


Tue Apr 22, 2014


Golf at Perkins Co. leave at 6:45am Gold

HS Track at Sutherland (Wallace Invite) Bus-Kerry

7:30am HS Staff Meeting

8:49am Sust. Silent Read HS

7pm Player/Parent Football Meeting in the high school commons area


Wed Apr 23, 2014

††††††††††† BBQ Rib Sandwich

District Music at Alliance Kerry leave at

9:38am Sust. Silent Read HS

12pm Advisory-Grade Check

3:30pm Art Club

6:30pm Varsity Rep at CVHS


Thu Apr 24, 2014

††††††††††† Orange/Teriyaki Chicken

8am 2nd Grade Safety Day at Sidney Gold/White Vans

10:27am Sust. Silent Read HS

12pm Advisory-FBLA Meeting


Fri Apr 25, 2014

Hot Dogs

JH Track Harland Sutton Invite at Chappell


8am HS Down List Due

10:52amFCS to Daycare T&C

10:52am Senior Class picture at Williamsí cabin

11:30am Advisory-Team Building

1pm HS Assembly - Gregg Harris

5:30pm FCCLA Meal at Ogallala Gold


Sat Apr 26, 2014

10am Jansen Dance Rehearsal/Recital Where: CV HS Gym



Stuff you need to rememberÖ

Q3 Principalís Honor Roll 89.5-94.4 %

9th:Jaden C, Brett G, Alexis O, Kali P, Kayla S, Kelli S††† 10th:Hannah B, Nash L, Noah L, William P, Cody S, Chandra S

11th: Madison B, Krystal K, Roy K, Stefanie M, William S††† 12th:Shania B, Brandy C, Lane G, Cory P, Skylar P, Jerry S, Christina W


Q3 Superintendentís Honor Roll 94.5%+

9th: Natalie C, Jessie S, Maverick W†† ††10th:Katie B, Keith E, Joey S†††† 11th:Jill B, Hannah S†† ††12th:Ashley B, Summer M, Jared S


Here is a link to our State of the Schools Report: (you may click on it or you can copy and paste it into your web browser)


Please contact Tanya or Mr. Ningen at the high school in order to get your paperwork for the key cards to the weight room




Communication Information:

Email Tanya at to be added to the email blanket list-emails are sent out anytime any school information needs to be shared.


School gmail calendar:To see the school calendar including all activities scheduled and updated information on activities you can click on the link:

ORIf you have a Gmail account and use the shared calendar; let me know so I can add you to my shared list.


You can also go to <district main page <then under this month click on the calendar page icon.That is updated every time I update the school calendar on gmail.

Creek Valley Public Schools has a Facebook page-like the page to keep up on school information.


Creek Valley School staff all have new email addresses:first name.last name information for each teacher is also available when you log into your studentís PowerSchool account.


Follow us on twitter:@CrkValleyStorm


PowerSchool:To check your studentís grades, attendance, and lunch balance on a more regular basis you may go to and click on the PowerSchool Public link or go directly to the PowerSchool website: you need your studentís log-on ID and password (and do not have a recent grade report handy) then please contact your childís attendance center to get this information.




Did you know???

...Creek Valley Schoolsí grade scale is 94-100=A, 86-93=B, 78-85=C, 70-77=D, 0-69=F


...You can check your studentís grades, attendance, and lunch balance anytime day or night!Visit and click on the PowerSchool Public link or go directly to the PowerSchool website: you need your studentís log-on ID and password (if you do not have a recent grade report handy) then please contact your childís attendance center to get this information. can receive an email once a week, daily, or once every two weeksfrom PowerSchool with 1. Summary of current grades and attendance, 2. Detailed report of attendance 3. Detailed report showing all assignment scores for each class, 4. School announcements 5. Balance Alert (Note: Will only be sent when a student is low on funds.)



2013-2014 School Calendar

May 1†††††††††† Thursday†††† High School Awards Banquet

May 7††††††††† WednesdaySeniors Last Day

May 10†††††††† Saturday†††† High School Graduation at 3pm

May 20††††††† Tuesday†††††† MS Awards and 8th Grade Graduation

May 22††††††† Thursday†††† Last day of school for summer 11:44 Student dismissal



Code Red (Emergency/School Closure) Information:

Code Red is a service that we offer to help contact you in case of an emergency and/or school closure information.If you have signed up for Code Red, we recommend that you use a ringtone that is standard to your phone rather than a downloaded ringtone, and you also have to have your voicemail set up in order to receive the calls.If you have not signed up for Code Red, please contact the site where your student attends, and we will get you set up.



Booster Club Info

The Booster Club is selling STORM bling!You can add the decoration to any shirt, cap, or whatever you already have.The bling sells for $10.You can contact any Booster Club member including Mr. Ningen, who has the bling here for you to see.I will also post a picture on the facebook page.


Follow us on Twitter.....@CVboosterclub



Events and activities that affect our students/staff-

but are not school sponsored:

Sidney Regional Medical Immunization clinics are the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays every month.